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Special Order Carpets

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Bleach Cleanable Carpets

Family friendly carpet is made from 100% bleach cleanable Zylon Polypropylene. It is guaranteed against ALL HOUSEHOLD STAINS! 

Bleach-cleanable ranges are an excellent option, an affordable, quality product designed to repel everyday spills, stains and dirt, and for stubborn stains, household bleach can be applied without marking or ruining your stain resistant carpet. Our experienced sales advisers are happy to advise customers on how to maintain carpets, and successfully remove stains. 

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The Wonders Of Wool


Wool is made up of millions of tiny springs – it can be compressed or stretched by as much as 30% of its length and still spring back to its original dimensions. Wool is naturally tough – it protects sheep in all sorts of difficult climatic and environmental conditions.


Nothing looks better than a wool carpet. Wool has a complex structure which allows dyes to be absorbed and locked right into the heart of the fibre. 


Wool is stain-resistant – most spills in the home are water based and wool is water-repellent due to a fine natural protective layer. Wool is soil resistant – it traps dirt in the upper area of the carpet pile which can be easily removed by vacuuming later. 


Wool is naturally resistant to fire – it is difficult to set alight and if ignited burns very weakly, limiting the spread. Wool is slip resistant – it is soft and forgiving and helps to cushion any falls. Wool is an air filter – it traps dust, pollen and fungal spores, keeping them out of the air we breath and allowing them to be easily removed by vacuuming.