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Super soft carpet saving sea life

Sedna carpet is soft, luxurious and durable. It is made with ECONYL regenerated nylon, a yarn made from recycled waste material such as old carpets and abandoned fishing nets collected from the bottom of the sea. Sedna® thus helps to save thousands of beautiful sea creatures like sea turtles, dolphins and seals that no longer can get stuck in this life-threatening waste.

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Invictus Carpet

Invictus stands for invincible comfort that will convince even the most demanding amongst you.

The carpets’ stunningly rich texture and opulent body is created using another revelation: iVinci®, the latest generation of solution dyed olefin yarns combining appealing softness with superb colours and outperforming stain resistance.


ISense is the embodiment of tenderness and strength, so cuddly yet so resilient.

In only a few years, iSense has become the UK’s first and favourite brand when it comes to super soft carpet. More than 120.000 households already enjoy its comfortable touch and luxurious feel. Which one of the unique carpet collections of iSense will you choose?

iSense carpet is not only soft, but also extremely durable. In wear resistance tests, it easily outperforms all other soft residential carpets on the UK market.