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LVT Flooring

We are proud to be the chosen suppliers for LVT from leading manufacturers, which are on display in our vibrant showroom. We have all display samples in-store, and our Invictus interactive product selector gives an impressive visual image of how the flooring looks once fitted. 

We believe these ranges provide excellent value for money, as well as guarantees for durability.  

Distinctive Flooring from Victoria Carpets's LVT ranges and Furlong Flooring are detailed here.  We also display laminate flooring from Furlong Flooring in store.  Please also see the Invictus LVT detailed on our website too.

Product selection and sample request services are available from the Manufacturers' websites.  Please click the buttons below to be forwarded.

LVT Flooring: Our Products
LVT Flooring: Image
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