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Saint John's Baptist Primary School

Giving back to the community


Shropshire Carpets donates life saving equipment to St John The Baptist Primary School, Ruyton XI Towns, Shropshire and to the Blessed Robert Johnson College in Wellington, Shropshire.

Following on from the defibrillator donated by Shropshire Carpets to BRJ College, we are very proud to announce that our second fully funded donation of a defibrillator to St John The Baptist Primary School in Ruyton XI Towns has now been completed, with 8 first aiders at the School also receiving the accompanying training free of charge by Simon Heys of Heys First Aid, a very generous and much appreciated gesture. Mrs Irish has kindly offered that this life saving equipment is promoted into the wide community of Ruyton XI Towns, due to its somewhat rural location, having such equipment within the Village may well prove to be life saving in the future. With both these units, we hope they sit gathering dust and never need to be used! But sadly if an emergency situation arises, we hope that our donation has offered someone's loved one a good chance of survival. 

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