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Underlays And Accessories

Please ask in-store for our full range of quality underlays.  We are proud to stock Cloud 9 ranges, as well as quality underlays which are compatible with underfloor heating.

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Advantages Of Underlay

We stock underlays in varying thicknesses, which are suitable for all types of flooring, they are manufactured here in the UK, manufactured from recycled materials, and guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the initial carpet installation. 

By installing underlay you will extend the life of your new carpet or laminate flooring, and although seen as an additional expense which can feel daunting, the advantages provided by underlays do justify the additional initial outlay. In addition to providing improved comfort, there are numerous other benefits to consider when deciding on an underlay purchase, these include: 

Improved warmth, reduces heating costs in the home 

Improved thermal insulation 

Increased sound insulation, reduces the impact of noise 

It lasts the lifetime of the carpet 

Sub-floor imperfections can be reduced 

Enhances the performance of all floor coverings, absorbs the pressure of foot traffic and heavy furnishings thus reducing wear to carpets and reduces flattening, whilst providing a increased feeling of luxury. 


Additional Accessories Available In Store

We stock a wide range of accessories to aid the installation of your new floor covering. This includes:- 

• Doorbars, in a wide range of finishes 

• Gripper rods 

• Flooring adhesive 

• Floor cleaning products. 

We are able to source stairs rods, please ask in-store for details. 

Underlay And Accessories: Our Products
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