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Suppliers For Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover


Due to Shropshire Carpets Limited being a family-owned, independent retailer, with a fantastic reputation for excellent customer service, and our track record in helping other good causes in our local communities, this is why we were approached by 60 MINUTE MAKEOVER. They do not use multi-national companies, they seek out the hard-working smaller companies, who want to offer excellent value for money along with good service, this is how we want to be recognised, they saw our Facebook and website pages, and decided to contact us as we seemed so genuine, which we are, that makes us all proud, and every other independent business should feel that way, stick to your principles, help people out when you can, have quality items on offer, and guarantee good service, its a proud time for Shropshire Carpets, and the SECOND time we have been approached to provide flooring for a TV show! Would multi-national companies offer this level of pride and care - NO!

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